csync 0.44.0 STABLE

Version 0.43.0 of csync with enhanced SFTP support is ready for download! csync is a bidirectional file synchronizer for Linux and allows to keep two copies of files and directories in sync. It uses widely adopted protocols like smb or sftp so that there is no need for a server component of csync. It is a user-level program which means there is no need to be a superuser. With pam_csync it is possible to provide roaming home directories in Linux and Active Directory environments.

The userguide is a good place to start with csync.

Packages are available in the download section. Please report bugs to the bugtracker.


  • Migrated sftp module to libssh 0.4.
  • Added more cache entries to the default config.
  • Added missing requirements.
  • Fixed build warnings.
  • Fixed some memory leaks using sftp attributes.
  • Some code cleanups.