Git it

Example checkout command for the main git repo:

git clone git://

Browse the source code

Example checkout command for the pam_csync git repo:

git clone git://

To start with git take a look at the Git Community Book.

Bugtracking and Features

The development takes place in the Redmine System. You can report bugs there, create useful wiki entries and more.


The API of csync.

Copyright Policy

The developers of csync have a policy of asking for contributions to be made under the personal copyright of the contributor, instead of a corporate copyright.

There are some reasons for the establishment of this policy:

  • Individual copyrights make copyright registration in the US a simpler process.
  • If libssh is copyrighted by individuals rather than corporations, decisions regarding enforcement and protection of copyright will, more likely, be made in the interests of the project, and not in the interests of any corporation’s shareholders.
  • If we ever need to relicense a portion of the code contacting individuals for permission to do so is much easier than contacting a company