Changes and new license

Klaas and I are working on new features and refactored some code in csync. We are working on getting a new release ready soon but it isn’t easy. As we change a lot of stuff we also need to write tests for this and make sure the new code design is robust and we don’t forget any corner cases. Writing a file synchronizer isn’t easy. If you have bigger mistakes you can loose your data which should never happen.

Here is a list of changes so far:

  • Added New logging system to get rid of the dead log4c library
  • Added Capabilities support for modules
  • Added Windows support
  • Addded iconv support for non-UTF8 filesystems
  • Added ownlcoud support
  • Changed from check to cmocka unit testing framework


  • Add Better return codes and information for the user
  • Add possibility to pass more variables to modules
  • Add put()/get() method support to modules
  • Add an abort callback to stop the synchronization

After that the plan is to relicense the library from GPL to LGPL.