csync source code is online

The source code of csync is now available via git [1]. This is a rewrite of the first version which is just the prototype of the file synchronizer. The current version is in an early state. Currently the function to init csync is being developed. The next steps on the TODO list are:

  • Finish the journal functions
  • Load the configuration
  • Load the exclude list
  • Create a virtual IO layer for the plugin system, so that you can write plugins with libsmbclient or libssh.

Currently most of the base has been implemented. The data structures for the collected file information will be stored in a red-black tree. For the journal a sqlite3 database will be used. The key to identify a file/path will be a 32bit jhash of the filename.

If you want to participate in the development, you should subscribe to the mailing lists [2] and take a look at the prototype [3]. The instruction how to compile csync and to work with the testing framework can be found in the trac system [4].

[1] git clone git://git.csync.org/csync.git
[2] http://www.csync.org/communication/
[3] git clone git://git.csync.org/csync-prototype.git
[4] https://dev.csync.org/