csync 0.42.0 alpha4

This is the fourth alpha release of csync 0.42.0. The next version will be beta1. This is *not* intended for production environments. With this version you can sync two local directories or a local directory with a samba share. Please report any defects via the bug reporting system at https://dev.csync.org/.


  • Added the possibility to run csync completely without a journal
  • Added a manpage for the commandline client
  • Improved chmod calls during propagation. Most of the time we use the default mode and don’t need to call chmod.
  • Improved the exclude list handling in the file tree walker. This increased the speed of the update detection.
  • Fixed csync on PPC
  • Fixed serveral small bugs


Source: csync-0.41.94.tar.gz (97 KB)
md5sum: csync-0.41.94.tar.gz.md5

Packages for Fedora 9, openSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 can be downloaded here.