csync and pam_csync 0.42.0 beta1

This is the first beta release of csync 0.42.0. csync is a bidirectional file synchronizer for Linux and allows to keep two copies of files and directories in sync. It uses uses widly adopted protocols like smb or sftp so that there is no need for a server component of csync. It is a user-level program which means there is no need to be a superuser. With pam_csync it is possible to create roaming home directories.

This version fixes several bugs to increase the stability of the file synchronizer. It provides a new plugin to synchronize two replicas with the sftp protocol. To get the csync sftp plugin working you need libssh 0.2 with the following two patches:

Map permission fields
Errno mapping


Source: csync-0.41.95.tar.gz (140 KB)
md5sum: csync-0.41.95.tar.gz.md5

Source: pam_csync-0.41.93.tar.gz (28 KB)
md5sum: pam_csync-0.41.93.tar.gz.md5

Packages for Fedora 9, openSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 can be downloaded here.




  • Added a sftp module using libssh
  • Added user guide (just a start)
  • Added testcase for update detection
  • Added a function to parse an uri to cstdlib
  • Updated the manpage
  • Fixed some segfaults in cstdlib
  • Fixed some memory leaks


  • Improved the auth callback


  • Fixed return codes of the forked child process
  • Code cleanups